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Zen Finger Painting

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Gregor Z. HanuschakGregor Z. HanuschakVocals, Piano, Keyboard, Electric Guitar, Bass, Violin, Viola, Classical Harp, Monkey Noises
Regaip SenRegaip SenKeytar, Vocals, Bass, Banjo, Turkish Saz, Guitars, French Horn, Harmonica, Percussion
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You’ve heard of nerd rock. Weezer, They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies - you get it. But have you heard of Nerdpop? World, meet Zen Finger Painting, consisting of Gregor "G-Man" Hanuschak and Rego "Flock" Sen, the proud Stanfordians who penned perfect pop chestnuts about quantum physics, math professors, girls from other planets, martial arts, robots, human spaceflight, speech impediments, vegetarians, homework, and the great Smurf leader Papa Smurf, all for the cerebrally gifted masses. From the early oughts until today, Hanuschak has manned the vocals, piano, keyboard, electric guitar, bass, violin, viola, classical harp, and monkey noises while Sen has crushed the keytar (sometimes two at once), vocals, bass, banjo, Turkish saz, guitars, French horn, harmonica, and percussion. All things considered, Nerdpop never sounds as smart as when you’re Zen Finger Painting.​

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