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Urban Wood '94

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David SnowDavid SnowVocals and Guitar
William HerkelrathWilliam HerkelrathVocals and Guitar
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William Herkelrath was a little bit classical, David Snow a little bit rock ‘n roll. In coffee houses and open mic nights across San Diego County circa 1992, this collision of styles called itself Urban Wood, a singer-songwriter duo formed on the campus of UC San Diego. In the years that followed, William and Dave performed their unique brand of fingerpicked folksiness, mellow-smooth vocals, and thoughtful lyrics to just about anyone who would listen. Think Gordon Lightfoot meets Cephas and Wiggins meets Alice in Chains. Crowd favorites were “Winter” and “Hideaway.” Close your eyes you just might imagine yourself back in an early-90s SoCal café, sipping an oversized latte, sitting on a second-hand couch beneath a bulletin board advertising roommates and used futons, surrounded by notebook-scribblers and open-mic hopefuls clutching guitar cases, and interrupted frequently by the blast of the milk steamer.
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