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The Nightwatch '67

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Marty FalettiMarty FalettiVocals and Drums
Kit HinsleyKit HinsleyVocals and Piano
Randy HoblerRandy HoblerVocals and guitar and bass
Bill McCabeBill McCabeVocals Bass Sax
Pete StockmanPete StockmanVocals guitar
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Walk down “The Street” at Princeton in 1966 and you'd hear it: tight harmonies wafting out of the clubs, calling to mind hints of surf wax, jersey soul, and maybe even a touch of Nehru jackets and Beatle-boot leather. Must be a jukebox, right? NO. You've stumbled upon The Nightwatch. Armed with the lilting five-part harmonies of the Beach Boys, the mellow four-part voice-melds of The Four Seasons, and the slashing three-part vocalizations of the aforementioned Liverpudlian mop-tops, The Nightwatch became known as "the live jukebox" because of their spot-on cover versions of popular tunes. Their heads were even sharper than their voices, too: After graduation, the group accumulated 3 Ph.D’s, one MBA and one JD.
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