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Splendorbin '95

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Jason McKibbenJason McKibbenDrums
Nyles LannonNyles LannonBass
Bill Elliott IVBill 4Guitar, Vocals
Kwame JohnsonKwame JohnsonGuitar, Vocals
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Welcome to Splendor Bin, your local action/adventure band, which rocked the Del out of the Delaware Valley—now simply the “Aware Valley”—NYC, and the East Coast at large a few years back.  When one sufficiently rocked concertgoer likened the band to “Shudder to Think meets My Bloody Valentine,” Splendor Bin wondered aloud: “Does that help or hinder description? Does a stroke of the brush guarantee art from the bristles? Who gives a shit?” How extrospective.

The Splendor boys include bassist-and-team-mascot Nyles, guitarist-and-sometime-singer Bill, guitarist-and-mosttime-singer Kwame, and Jason, who reigns over all as King of the Beat. The band recorded one 7” on Static Records, a cassingle entitled “,” and an e.p. called Stealth with famed producer Steve Albini. Oh yeah, and the band has only one final wish: Please tell your mom they said hello.​

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