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Special Guests '86

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Neil ThomasNeil Thomas
Don PeterkofskyDon Peterkofsky
Tom MeltzerTom MeltzerGuitar and Vocals
Dave HelbergDave HelbergDrums
Steve GreenfieldSteve GreenfieldSaxophone
Paul FoglinoPaul FoglinoBass
Kevin “Kevin Trainor” TrainorKevin “Kevin Trainor” TrainorGuitar and Vocals
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In 1986 Special Guests Mach 2 expanded beyond the Delta House rock n' soul with which it had been founded and branched into new directions, but not without the unadulterated love for the sound of rock's early years that had won them local fame at Columbia University. The band, which underwent a lineup change but maintained its character as a sax-fueled septet fronted by vocalist/guitarist Tom Meltzer, jettisoned the toga party soundtracks but took the classic soul part of its DNA, tightened it, and applied it towards new forms like like Camper Van Beethoven's brainy, whimsical college rock and the soulful, earthy roots rock of era bands like the Long Ryders and the Del Fuegos, but always with their own harmony-laden fingerprint. Great music knows no genre and Special Guests ’86 earned a whole new wave of fans. Alas, the group split not too long after they threw their mortarboards to the sky, splintering into a number of bands that propagated New York City and beyond.
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