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Reel Heroes '80

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Chris SmylieChris SmylieBass
Alan MathewsonAlan MathewsonVocals
Al KendigianAl KendigianDrums and Percussion
Michael Philip KaufmanmpkGuitar
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Reel Heroes was the unlikely synthesis of four divergent musicians – a Bronx Science nerd channeling Pete Townshend and Jimmy Page; a Texan by way of Connecticut prep school on a heroic mission to promote his southern musical roots; a RISD illustrator and animator from Maryland with a multimedia devotion to Rush; and a local boy in full embrace of the Springsteenian ethos – who nevertheless managed to find one another, thanks to their convergence on Providence…and also, to a deeper aesthetic affinity that transcended their differing musical origins. Bringing their respective talents and musical perspectives to a common laboratory for the faithful rendering of each other’s canons, they soon became known as the preeminent cover band, with a repertoire spanning The Beatles, The Tubes, The Police, The Clash, David Bowie, Be Bop Deluxe, King Crimson, Bruce Springsteen, Thin Lizzy, Rush, Led Zeppelin, The Who – even the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Their first three original recordings immediately catapulted them into the WBRU FM Rock Hunt, where they inadvertently outclassed themselves with their one permitted cover: A blistering rendition of The Who’s epic “My Generation” from Live at Leeds.
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