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Lust Hits The Road

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Lust Hits The Road

Penguin Lust '84  (Sewanee - The University of the South)


Size: S

Once Penguin Lust hit the road 1985 was never the same. Stay classic with this modern fitting, comfortable t-shirt.

• 100% combed cotton for a super soft hand feel.
• Fine jersey
• Slim fit
• Double stitched
• Made in the USA, sweatshop free

About The Artist

As many readers likely know, the average annual temperature in Sewanee is a balmy 57.55 degrees Fahrenheit. Not exactly penguin weather, to say the least. But throw a little early-1980s, Doonesbury-inspired lust into the mix, and you get the perfect climate for debaucherous rock n roll. Chubby Checker, meet the Ramones. Everyone else, meet PENGUIN LUST.

This was a band that always left you wondering if, according to fans at the University of South Sewanee, they were “going to play naked.” The “Lusty Ones,” consisting of originals Joe Royal, Yerger Andre, and Bobby Parker - and later Gary Zell and William Tonks - wrote reggae songs about a paper moose, dance songs about old dance crazes intended to spontaneously combust new dance crazes, and the odd social consciousness anthem.

These monstrous would-be hits ended up blasted into the grease-soaked confines of the Pizza Corner, the local Italian joint, where 10% of the entire student body—100 souls—crammed in and commenced to suck down every beer in the place. Later, some of the tunes actually ended up on wax, and South Sewanee, Tennessee is all the hotter for it.

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Penguin Lust '84 (Sewanee - The University of the South)
Penguin Lust '84 (Sewanee - The University of the South)
Penguin Lust '84 (Sewanee - The University of the South)
Penguin Lust '84 (Sewanee - The University of the South)