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Dont Hassle the Kauf T-Shirt

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Dont Hassle the Kauf T-Shirt

Type O '81  (Brown University)


Color: White/Neon Heather Orange
Size: XS

The Volcker Rule, originally proposed by American economist and former United States Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, restricts United States citizens from hassling the Kauf. Now you too can stay regulated in this classic t-shirt from CollegeBand.

• ¾ Sleeve raglan shirt
• Poly-cotton blend (50% polyester, 50% combed cotton)
• Ribbed neckband
• Made in the USA, sweatshop free

About The Artist

Type O was a “second generation” college band – a new union of four players who’d already established themselves on the Providence scene with other groups (including Reel Heroes, The Clothespins, and The Icons) yet found one another in their search for a next leap in musical creativity. Born of some deep soul-searching as the new wave took hold, this dynamic foursome synthesized their classic-, hard-, pop-, progressive-, art-, and punk-rock experiences into something that broke cleanly with their respective legacies, yet satisfied their combined aesthetic and captured the zeitgeist of the dawning musical era. Embracing new sounds and a decidedly studio-oriented focus, the band coalesced around recordings at Brown’s MacColl Studio for Electronic Music. Though they never got to do much gigging in Providence, those recordings got some favorable press – and caught the attention of the Commodores Entertainment Group (yes, those Commodores). The band developed additional material, moved to NYC, and got shopped to various producer/investors, culminating in a swan song showcase at Studio 54 – which, sadly, was attended by nobody of industry importance, and led to nothing for the band.

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