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Phaedra '68

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Bill BartonBill BartonVocals and Guitar
Patty O’ConnorPatty O’ConnorVocals
David HicksDavid HicksVocals and keyboards
Richard "Dick" DalyRichard "Dick" DalyBass
Hunt HobbsHunt HobbsDrums
John Angus FosterJohn Angus FosterVocals and Bass
Tom StephensonTom StephensonDrums
Kitty BrazeltonKitty BrazeltonVocals and Flute
Doug "Rhino" WeinerDoug "Rhino" WeinerVocals and Percussion
Arthur "Aarfy" JohnsonArthur "Aarfy" JohnsonLyricist
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In the late 1960's and early 1970's a progressive rock band formed at Swarthmore College. The band was called Phaedra. For three years Phaedra wrote songs and performed wherever they could: at the college, then in Philadelphia, where a lively music and art culture was beginning to percolate, and eventually at gigs in name venues in New York. The band opened for the Velvet Underground at the Second Fret in Philadelphia, played at the Fillmore East, and opened for B.B. King at Vassar College. Phaedra broke up in 1972 and the members formed new groups or moved on to other pursuits. Fast forward forty years. Richard (Dick) Daly, the original bass player (and now a successful medical technology entrepreneur) was cleaning out his garage in California. Over in a corner were some tape boxes. Analog tapes, of the band he had left in 1970. Was there anything still on these tapes? To toss or not to toss? Dick decided to make a phone call. He found a work number for David Hicks, keyboardist and one of the songwriters of Phaedra, and they discussed the possibility of doing something with the tapes, if there was something worth salvaging on them. Dick soon located Bill Barton, singer and guitarist and songwriter, at that time a university professor at Indiana University. After sharing some memories and life histories, the three waited while digital transfers were produced from the 40 year old analog tapes. What they heard surprised them. The band didn't sound bad, not bad at all. The three former members realized it was time to find the remaining members if they could, to share the musical artifacts, all the life stories, and also to see if any other tapes might have survived. In relatively short order the remaining members: Patty O'Connor (Lead Vocals), Hunt Hobbs (Drums), Tom Stephenson (Drums), John Angus Foster (Bass), Doug (Rhino) Weiner (Vocals and Percussion), and Kitty Brazelton (Vocals and Flute) joined the fray. Arthur (Aarfy) Johnson, who contribute lyrics to two songs as the band's journey was winding down, came on board as well. The 2 albums, Time to Arrive and Around the Sun include the best material from the musical journey that was Phaedra.

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