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Pariah '79

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Thom JayneThom JayneGuitars
John GoodmanJohn GoodmanKeyboards and Backing Vocals
Pete BuryPete BuryBass and Vocals
Connie CurrierConnie CurrierVocals
Kathleen BreitenfeldKathleen BreitenfeldDrums
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It was the late 1970s, heyday for a style of progressive music that has since all but disappeared: British Classical Rock. This was challenging music to listen to and to perform. Yes, there were love songs. But also songs about mythical creatures, dramatic adventures, the spiritual quest. When Pariah performed at a frat party, for a campus-wide event, or at a bar in Long Beach Island, audiences loved hearing lead singer Connie Currier belt out Linda Rondstadt’s “Heat Wave”. But the soul of Pariah was in writing and performing original music. Bands like Yes, Genesis, Kansas and Renaissance were a key influence. Pariah had three active songwriters: co-founders Pete Bury (bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals) and Thom Jayne (electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, banjo), and John Goodman (keyboards, backing vocals). They took each others’ creations and never hesitated to improve them. At once complementary and competitive, Jayne and Goodman would eventually share lead runs, which required precise timing, as can be heard in the bridge to "Standing All Alone." Bury’s place in the song-writing triumvirate was unchallenged, as his composition “Sail” was Pariah’s anthem, known and loved across campus. If soaring three-part harmonies, Currier’s powerhouse lead voice and three songwriters wasn’t enough, drummer KB melded an attractive stage presence with tight rhythmic control when all else was breaking loose. Listen to KB on Telemachus and you cannot help but smile too.
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