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New Campus Band
By Marc Gertler for the
Originally published Mar 26th, 1980

They've made only one campus appearance thus far in their short existence, but already the Art of Dating have proven to be a unique and entertaining act—potentially the best of the new bands to emerge on campus in recent years. Witty songs and an endearing stage presence make them fun both to listen to and to watch.

The Art of Dating aren't particularly rude, loud, or reckless. As a band they are unpretentious. They dress up (black, white, and hot pink are their colors)—but who doesn't dress up for a hot date? The band is fronted by lead vocalist Eric Daum and bassist and vocalist Amy Lipman. Both are attractive and talented, and although they indulge in role playing, neither attempts to conceal the fact that (s)he is having a good time. They are likable and cute (in the most favorable sense of that word) and are really a winning couple.

They dress up (black, white, and hot pink are their colors)—but who doesn't dress up for a hot date?

The musical nucleus is make up of Dan Zedek (guitar and vocals) and John Leland (drums), who write most of the songs. Both are competent musicians who deliver hook-oriented pop tunes quite tastefully. The result is always satisfying, often very danceable, and sometimes really excellent.

Perhaps most importantly, the band has a wonderful sense of humor. The songs are often tongue-in-cheek and worth listening to: most of their material is original. Because they are not amplitude-starved macho-rockers, the lyrics are easy to understand. Because they are intelligent and funny, they will probably make you laugh.

Still, no band as inexperienced as the Art of Dating can be flawless. The music still needs tightening up and, expectedly, in their debut last December there was some nervousness. The Art of Dating still have a way to go, but if they continue to grow, they can go a long way. In any case, their show is great fun and highly recommended this Friday night at the Cabaret in Ferris Booth (with the Power Tools) and Tuesday, April 1, at CBGB.

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