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Murphy's Lawyers A No-Miss Concert
By David Firschein for the
Originally published Sep 20th, 1984

If live music — danceable, new genre rock — gets you out of your seat and onto the dance floor, then don't miss Murphy's Lawyers at the New Varsity theater on Sept. 22.

A five-man group that came out of Stanford two years ago, Murphy's Lawyers turned pro, cut an album, and now plays concerts with the likes of Huey Lewis and Steppenwolf. The band writes all its own music and is currently experimenting with demo recording in hopes of landing a major contract.

But the members — four of whom graduated from Stanford in 1982 — haven't forgotten their alma mater now that they're in the big leagues.

"We never want to leave Stanford," says David Cremin (guitar and vocals). "We love Stanford parties and we're going to keep playing Stanford parties."

Murphy's Lawyers are scheduled for 9 p.m. on Sept. 22. The show also features the highly successful group, Translator.

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