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Old College Try: No-Hit Wonders Get Fresh Shot at Fame

Old College Try: No-Hit Wonders Get Fresh Shot at Fame

By HANNAH KARP, The Wall Street Journal 9/20/13

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.—Reed Seerman hurried out of his apartment here to meet the lead singer of a band he was hoping to sign to his record label.

Mr. Seerman was confident about his prospects, but he did have one concern. The punk band Raw Meat hadn’t been heard from since 1980, when they practiced in the dorms at Stanford University, in Palo Alto, where they were undergraduates.

“It was kind of an embarrassing phase—I used to perform naked with a black skeleton painted on my body,” says Raw Meat’s lead singer, Philip Otto, 55, at a cafe near the headquarters of his architectural design firm in Culver City.

Nonetheless, Mr. Otto and his former bandmates signed Mr. Seerman’s contracts and handed over all their recordings, on which Mr. Otto, a Seattle native, sings with “somewhat of an English accent,” he says, which he thought was fashionable at the time. Fourteen of their songs became available last month on Spotify AB’s music-streaming service.

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