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CollegeBand Refresh: Site Deploys As Single Page App With New Music Player, Sexy Design

CollegeBand Refresh: Site Deploys As Single Page App With New Music Player, Sexy Design

Beverly Hills, CA August 28th, 2017- CollegeBand® today announced the release of Chron Passion 1.8.5 (CP185), the highly anticipated new update of the world-renowned CollegeBand platform.

"I would caution against the idea that we’ve solved the music industry entirely," says project lead Dr. Geoff Abbott, the man most credited with bringing CP185 to the masses. “However, I will say the industry's problems are close to being resolved.”

Crucially, the CP185 update has moved CollegeBand to a single-page app, increasing the site's ability to handle monstrous traffic while serving as the foundation for an agile, responsive platform for years to come. 

Additional features include:

  1. NEW TECH: React, cold fusion, CSS-calc func and AI machine learning have paved the way for perhaps the most beautiful and responsive site since early 1998.
  2. URLs: CB185 passes traffic from outdated urls to new, more powerful urls, a 40% upgrade!
  3. COLUMN WIDTH SOLUTIONS: Capitalizing on developments in eye-tracking software, Aztec measurements of the Sun’s movements, and vague attempts to connect distant points in space and time, CB185 sets the new gold standard for page widths everywhere.
  4. NEW LOADER: Dubbed “techno-discs,” our new loader efficiently reduces luminosity, turbulence, and loading times—by up to 15mm milliseconds. Time is money!
  5. NEW MUSIC PLAYER: Employing an audio rainbow spectrum first popularized in the late 1990’s, music outflow now follows you throughout the site. With increased sensitivity and resolution, we’re certain our artists will enjoy increased plays.

We absolutely guarantee that people who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like. Chron Passion 1.8.5. Enjoy.


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