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CollegeBand® Launches Worldwide

CollegeBand® Launches Worldwide

Music Startup Revives Timeless Works Created on College Campuses, Providing Second Chance for Stickmen ’85 (Harvard University), Needle Dik ’80 (Columbia University) and Millions of Other Lost “Classics”

BEVERLY HILLS, California, June 4th, 2013 CollegeBand® ( today launched the world’s first archival record label releasing decades of previously unavailable music created on scores of college campuses. Now, alumni of student bands, professional or . . . less professional, have a new source of exposure and revenue for their recordings, even if they’ve been sitting neglected in shoeboxes for years.

“CollegeBand is the first company of its kind,” said Founder and CEO Reed Seerman, a former major label marketing exec. “We have a passion for connecting artists and colleges with their musical legacies, allowing alumni an opportunity to have their songs heard and appreciated while benefitting* the creative reputation of their respective schools. By doing so, we not only provide definition to a lost history, we begin a new musical category for the ages.”

Currently, CollegeBand is running as a public beta where users are able to search and preview merchandise, art, and hundreds of musical works. Each band’s affiliated school is gifted 5% of earnings with the remainder split 50/50 between CollegeBand and the artist. By continuing to generate unexpected exposure and revenue for their catalogue via digital downloads, marketing, licensing and publishing, CollegeBand looks to become the world’s leading platform for the distribution and licensing of music created exclusively by college students.

What is a CollegeBand?

An entity or individual that created music while one or more members was attending any of the world’s degree-granting institutions.

Here’s how it works:

CollegeBand digitizes, restores, and catalogues existing recordings at state-of-the-art studios in Los Angeles and New York. The bands history is then collaboratively fashioned into a dedicated profile, and select recordings are distributed, marketed, and sold through and third-party platforms including Spotify®, Amazon®, and iTunes®. In addition, CollegeBand promotes its catalogue for terrestrial and digital radio airplay and is partnered with Hidden Track Music ( to seek licensing and publishing opportunities with agencies, brands, TV, and film. All services are provided at no cost to the artists.

Here are some current CollegeBand artists:

Fur Event ’86 (UC Berkeley)

Tiberio Nascimento ’76 (Columbia University)

Gestures ’84 (University Of Washington) 

About CollegeBand:

CollegeBand is a privately owned and operated entertainment company involved primarily in the distribution of music and media by student artists. Founded in July 2008, the company was first incorporated as CollegeBand Inc. January 10th, 2011 and is currently headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA.

*Ed. note: or sullying

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