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CollegeBand Gets Gotcha

CollegeBand Gets Gotcha

BEVERLY HILLS, California, February 1st, 2017 - CollegeBand® (, the world’s first archival record label to release decades of previously unavailable music created on scores of college campuses, today announced the signing of late 70's bay area rock outfit Gotcha led by Steve Jubb, Stanford Rose Bowl ’71 football standout, singer and songwriter.

Gotcha is a masterful collection of original songs expertly arranged and produced buy Steve Jubb and his bandmates” said CollegeBand CEO Reed Seerman. "Their story’s unique, their sound’s fresh and the album is a tour de force packed with lush harmonies, catchy beats, and soaring guitar solos.”

Jubb says he nearly “fell off his chair” when Seerman offered Gotcha a contract, adding “it’s rare that you get a second chance especially when it's nearly 30 years since Gotcha hit the local playlists.”

Founded in 2008, CollegeBand enables users to search and preview merchandise, art, and musical works by bands like Gotcha. Each band’s affiliated school is gifted 5% of earnings, with the remainder split 50/50 between CollegeBand and the artist. For more information visit

About Gotcha ‘76

In the summer of 1974 “Gotcha,” relocated to San Jose seeking gigs in the burgeoning dance club scene eventually known as "Silicon Valley." In short order Gotcha became the hottest dance band in the South Bay and decided to make their own album in between performances at high end clubs and venues up and down the West Coast. Notes Jubb, "We had to record and arrange our material in early morning shifts.  It was tough but we got it done and the first time we listened to whole thing we knew folks were going to like it." Despite good reviews, and selling out their supply of vinyl, the band never managed to secure the recording contract they hoped for and eventually moved on to other things.

Gotcha is:

Steve Jubb - Vocals, Bass
Steve Slaght - Lead Guitar 
Rob DeHart - Rhythm Guitar
Bill Thoemke - Drums

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About CollegeBand

CollegeBand is a privately owned and operated entertainment company involved primarily in the distribution of music and media by student artists. Founded in July 2008, the company was first incorporated as CollegeBand Inc. January 10th, 2011 and is currently headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA.


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