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CollegeBand "Engauges" with British Wire Gauge

CollegeBand "Engauges" with British Wire Gauge

BEVERLY HILLS, California, April 17th, 2017 - CollegeBand® (, the world’s first archival record label to release decades of previously unavailable music created on scores of college campuses, has just announced the signing of early 80’s Stanford University rockers British Wire Gauge.

Said British Wire Gauge’s lead guitarist, Steve Wolff, "It’s been over thirty years and we’re all super excited that British Wire Gauge been rediscovered by" Bass guitarist Adrian Roscher followed up: “I'm just amazed - and incredibly grateful - that we found the stereo master tapes of the 9 original songs we recorded professionally back in the day, fully intact and ready for conversion to the digital age - many thanks to our diligent recording engineer and mixer, Russell Bond, who hung on to them on our behalf for all these decades!” 

“We're thrilled to bring an incredible band and album into the light,” said CollegeBand CEO Reed Seerman. Drummer Sholom Ackelsberg further reflected: "It’s interesting - and sad - that the socio-political lyrics Steve, Dan and Adrian wrote back in the early 1980's hold as much (if not more) relevance today as they did back then.”

Founded in 2008, CollegeBand enables users to search and preview merchandise, art, and musical works by bands like British Wire Gauge. Each band’s affiliated school is gifted 5% of earnings, with the remainder split 50/50 between CollegeBand and the artist.

About British Wire Gauge

In the fall of 1980, new Stanford grad student Steve Wolff, a punk/ New Wave-loving Londoner, found, at parties and via a bulletin board ad, other interested musicians. Dan Zalles was one of the original few and in spite of being from the opposite ends of the rock music spectrum (Grateful Dead jam bands), the 2 of them became band-mates, friends, fellow writers and later housemates, blending their different styles into a unique (for 1980 Stanford) sound. The band rapidly learned accessible mostly Brit-inspired covers from the likes of U2, The Clash, plus some metal, playing frat and dorm parties to generate much-needed cash and have fun outside of the normal Stanford Grad student experience.

British Wire Gauge is:

Steve Wolff, Guitar, Vocals
Sholom Ackelsberg, Drums
Adrian Roscher, Bass, Vocals
Dan Zalles, Vocals, Guitar

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About CollegeBand

CollegeBand is a privately owned and operated entertainment company involved primarily in the distribution of music and media by student artists. Founded in July 2008, the company was first incorporated as CollegeBand Inc. January 10th, 2011 and is currently headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA.


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