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CollegeBand Blessed With Saint Booty Canon

CollegeBand Blessed With Saint Booty Canon

BEVERLY HILLS, California, May 31st, 2017 - CollegeBand® (, the world’s first archival record label to release decades of previously unavailable music created on scores of college campuses, has just announced the signing of Bard funk rock outfit Saint Booty.

"It's amazing to be able to share this music after so many years," said Saint Booty drummer Rob Brunner. "It would've just stayed in a box were it not for CollegeBand."

Geoff Abbott, CollegeBand CTO, added, "Whenever I'm looking for funky music created by students from Bard during the early 90s, I always consider Saint Booty—and so should you."

Founded in 2008, CollegeBand enables users to search and preview merchandise, art, and musical works by bands like Saint Booty. Each band’s affiliated school is gifted 5% of earnings, with the remainder split 50/50 between CollegeBand and the artist.  

About Saint Booty

Composed of members from various Bard bands including Pimp Daddy, Vick Vegas, and Velcro Dildo, Saint Booty was brought together in the early '90s by a shared love of '70s funk. They soon were performing regularly at local colleges and New York City clubs, including Wetlands and SOBs. Notably, St. Booty traveled to Tokyo in 1992 to represent the Unites States in an international college music festival hosted at Yoyogi National Stadium.

Saint Booty is:

Jonathan Durham, Saxophone
Zach Smith, Keyboards
Derek Brain, Trumpet
Andy West, Trombone
Jodi Cornish, Vocals
Ian Zimmerman, Vocals
Ted Gannon, Guitar
Ross Shain, Bass
Rob Brunner, Drums

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About CollegeBand

CollegeBand is a privately owned and operated entertainment company involved primarily in the distribution of music and media by student artists. Founded in July 2008, the company was first incorporated as CollegeBand Inc. January 10th, 2011 and is currently headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA.


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