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1984 Bozo For President Rally at Columbia

1984 Bozo For President Rally at Columbia

From saving Capitol Records to Running for President to popping peace signs from his limo, there is no doubt that Bozo the Clown hustled hard. This vibrant footage from Bozo’s 1984 presidential campaign run features The Nasty Bozos ’84 (Columbia University) performing a pro-Bozo jingleand maintaining tight security detail. Sprinkle in the remarkable interview techniques of Bryant Gumbel and a few name checks (Sinatra, Reagan, Garland) and you’ve got YouTube gold.

Like the video says…

Mayday, 1984: of the many historic events that have taken place at Columbia University’s famed sundial, few have had the lasting political and cultural significance of Bozo the Clown’s campaign rally held there as he ran for president against Ronald Reagan.

The day began with Larry “Bozo” Harmon’s appearance on NBC’s Today Show and concluded with TV News Media coverage.

This brief documentary shown between the clips was made by “Magic” Alex Brown under the auspices of the Nasty Bozos who sponsored the event.

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