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Merv Spiegel and the Penguins '90

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Mike HellerMike HellerDrums
Pete AdamyPete AdamyBass
Mark CrimminsMark CrimminsGuitar
Marty ArnestMarty ArnestVocals
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From a Stanford Admission Department memorandum c. 1984 - “Rocking Balls shall not (necessarily) be a criterion for admission into Stanford University at this time."

Pete Adamy (88), Marty Arnest (89), Mark Crimmins (PHD, 89) and Mike Heller (87) never thought to mention in their applications that they were in possession of that very attribute. They somehow managed to find each other, start a band, grow weary of playing "Louie Louie" at Frat parties and join hands to take the leap of faith known as "taking yourself seriously."

While it will always be a lot fun having keg beer spilled on your shoes as a prelude to college midnights you are sure to forget, nothing beats the surprise of waking up one day to find that some guy in LA wants to give you a second bite at the apple, and you actually spent hours, weeks— years (!)--committing to tape two albums worth of authentic musical expression of enduring quality!

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