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Gotcha '76

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Steve JubbSteve JubbVocals, Bass
Bill ThoemkeBill ThoemkeDrums
Rob DeHartRob DeHartRhythm Guitar, Vocals
Steve SlaghtSteve SlaghtLead Guitar, Vocals
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In 1973 lead guitarist Steve Slaght (nicknamed Sluke) joined “Sunrise,” the house band at Sonora Inn in the tiny mountain town of Sonora, CA. Over time Slaght replaced its current members with the top players and singers in Tuolumne County.

Despite the small pool of musicians in Sonora, Slaght was able to form a workable band. He recruited promising local drummer, Bill Thoemke, kept their long time bassist, and added Rob DeHart, who previously performed with Slaght in a band based at nearby Columbia College. With DeHart joining on guitar and lead vocals, the group was complete. However, to work professionally, and make a living, the band needed a bigger market.

So, in the summer of 1974, the group, now renamed “Gotcha,” relocated to San Jose seeking gigs in the burgeoning dance club scene eventually known as ‘Silicon Valley." Gotcha’s previous bassist decided not to move to San Jose with the Gotcha band. So where to find a bass player, singer, songwriter, and front man to fill the void?

By chance, the group’s agent recommended that they contact Steve Jubb who had just earned his BA from Stanford and had recently turned down a pro football contract with the Dallas Cowboys so he could pursue his music career. Gotcha’s addition of a 6’5” 235 pound former Stanford tackle and singing bassist was a match made in heaven.  It turned out that Jubb was a talented front man, songwriter and arranger — just what the group needed to compete in the music business.

For the next 7 years Gotcha became one of Northern California’s top dance & show bands. However, that was never Gotcha’s long-term goal. Armed with plenty of experience performing live up and down the West Coast and plenty of high quality original songs, Gotcha set it’s sights on recording and publishing its own songs.

Gotcha’s endgame was always to record original music and secure a major label record deal. Over the next few years, the group rehearsed their original songs and recorded 3 singles and the Gotcha Album, released in 1978. The group received positive reviews from local music critics and earned a “Best Newcomer” pick in Billboard magazine. Easy listening stations played our music, especially Katy, My Lady, Jamie, and No Easy Way Out. But we never got that record deal…

It’s been 30 years since our album was released, but Gotcha’s just getting started! So we’re counting on you to listen for yourself, enjoy our music, and tell all your friends that they can now find us on, Spotify, iTunes and other music platforms.

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  • From the album Gotcha
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  • Tell Her Today
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  • Always Gonna Be In Love With You
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  • No Easy Way Out
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  • Be a Believer
  • From the album Gotcha
  • Manchild
  • From the album Gotcha
  • All God's Children
  • From the album Gotcha
  • Somebody's Callin' My Name
  • From the album Gotcha
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