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Fuzztones '83

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Bob KentBob KentLead Guitar
Jack BashianJack BashianGuitar, Vocals
Jon DilgardJon DilgardHarp, Vocals
Eddie GyevatEddie GyevatDrums
David LeeDavid LeeBass
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Looking back on this, I guess you’d have to say that the Fuzztones started in the dorm room in Park Hall on the Ohio State campus in the fall of 1979. Dave (bass) and Jack (guitar/vocals) were friends from high school and rooming together and would do their best to mangle everything from covers of Lightning Hopkins to Elvis Costello to the Allman Brothers (you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Whipping Post with one only bass and one guitar). The equipment was rather shoddy and would generally produce a tone somewhat less than clear – thus the name “Fuzztones” was born.​

Fast forward to sophomore year (Fall of 1981) and the boys had moved off campus to a flat at the corner of 15th and North 4th Street (positively). Jack had met Jon (harp/vocals) where they both worked at the OSU Faculty Club, so now The Fuzztones had bass, guitar, harp, and vocals – and they were branching out to covers of Muddy Waters, Elvis, Chuck, the Stones. There was also some dude playing drums at that the time whose name has long since been forgotten – he left his drums at the flat and one night their good friend Eddie – who had never played drums before – sat down and started jamming with them (yes, you guessed it, a Pete Best/Ringo Starr moment).

So now the band was set and it was time to start booking gigs. First gig they booked was in the bar at the Drake Union right on the OSU campus. As “luck” would have it, that very night Bob (lead guitar) had just wrapped up his shift disk jockeying for the Ohio State radio station (WOSR) and was walking through the union, where the station was based, and happened upon the first Fuzztones show. He joined the band right then. Wasn’t invited. Wasn’t asked to join. Just decided he would join the band. The others had no say.

Over the next few years The Fuzztones played all the great music establishments up and down High Street in Columbus – Mr. Browns, Crazy Mama’s, the Agora (now the Newport – America's Longest Continually Running Rock Club), the IP Lounge, along with house parties, radio station fund raisers at the Ohio Union, the statehouse steps (Rock against Racism, Rock against Reagan), and pretty much anywhere else where people were willing to listen.

Somewhere along the way, the band started writing their own songs. Legend has it that their road manager at the time, Rob Loog Raith sat them down at the kitchen table and said they had to start writing original material if they wanted to make a go of it. Or, perhaps that’s someone else’s legend, but they did start writing songs. Along with the originals, the covers included amped up blues, R&B and rockabilly covers from Bo Diddley, Willie Dixon, Eddie Cochran, and others and at times filtered through the likes of the Stones and The Dolls.

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