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Furious Clams ’84

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Terry LohrenzTerry LohrenzBass
Eric CohenEric CohenGuitar
Jamie AndersonJamie AndersonVocals and Guitar
Phil RobbinsPhil RobbinsGuitar
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In the fall of 1981 as a high school senior visiting my girlfriend at Harvard, I met Phil in Grays Hall, where my friend and Phil's then-girlfriend were suite mates. When I eventually came to Harvard (then as a single guy) after a year at Columbia in the fall of 1983, Phil and I got started with the Clams. Eric Cohen had just graduated from Phillips Andover to join the Clams, after having played with me in Youth In Asia two years prior. Terry was in Dunster House, a year ahead of Phil. We don't know exactly how we hooked up with Terry, but it was a fortuitous happening. Terry had played guitar in other bands on campus (Hand to Mouth and Girl Next Door). He was very good, and Phil remembers being surprised and pleased that Terry was willing to switch to bass to play with us. The sustained reliance on the “Plato” rhythm section is also a bit of a mystery. We could have added a drummer, but drummers around Harvard were then in short supply. Hey, early Echo and the Bunnymen got by with a drum box, but, then again, we weren't the Bunnymen! In any case, Eric owned Plato, and we figured if we cranked up the volume enough, it wouldn't matter, so we were ready to rock. We listened to way too much U2, Gang of Four and Talking Heads, but I wouldn't dare to say that these influences filtered into our songs. I was living off campus at that point, but through Phil and Terry, we could make use of the Dunster practice rooms. Using the practice rooms meant that we were around all the other bands in Dunster, which led to some one-off playing with musicians (like Dan Wilson and his brother Matt) who would later make careers in music. Unlike this crowd, our fame had to wait 28 years. Our gigs were all on campus, and, if I remember correctly, all in the Junior Common Room at Dunster House. As long as we arranged for a keg to be chilled and available, it was all good. I moved into a Dunster House rooming suite that included Phil and Pauls (Stickmen 85 and 86) halfway through the year, and then we truly were a “Dunster Fun-ster” band. -Jamie Anderson
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