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Finding Jupiter '11

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Sarah MasimoreSarah MasimoreVocals, Guitar
Peter McDonaldPeter McDonaldBass
Dean SchafferDean SchafferVocals, Lead Guitar
Taylor BradyTaylor BradyDrums
Brad PodrayBrad PodrayRemixes
Luke GeorgetteLuke GeorgetteFormer Drummer
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Finding Jupiter started in 2009 when Sarah and Dean met in a blues band as undergrads at Stanford. They realized they both wanted to rock harder, so Finding Jupiter was born. From the beginning, Finding Jupiter merged straight-ahead rock with a healthy dose of '90s alternative and the occasional fierce guitar solo.

With Peter on bass and Luke on drums, Finding Jupiter recorded and released a full-length LP, "Racing Against the Sun," and Brad crafted a companion remix album, "East of Orion." The band's first single, "Raze the City," won Best Pop Song in MTV's Ourstage competition in January 2011, and "Racing Against the Sun" notched a perfect 10 out of 10 review in the Stanford Daily. When Luke graduated, Taylor took his place on drums, and the band released a follow-up EP, "Io." 

Finding Jupiter played at the biggest parties on campus and in venues throughout the Bay Area before the band members graduated and went their separate ways.

Popular Music
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  • Carry (More Elaborate Complexity Mix)
  • From the album East of Orion
  • Stars
  • From the album Io
  • Do It Again
  • From the album Io
  • Roses
  • From the album Io
  • Soldiers
  • From the album Io
  • Roses (Philharmonic Mix)
  • From the album Io
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