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CollegeBand, Inc. is a privately owned and operated American media company involved primarily in the distribution of music media by student and alumni artists from colleges and universities worldwide.

What exactly is a college band?

An entity or individual that created music while one or more members was attending any of the nation’s Degree-Granting Institutions that begin in the academic year is considered a college band.


Getting the band back together.*

Giving Back

CollegeBand donates 5% of every transaction to the school affiliated with each artist.

I was in a band - how do I join?

You can submit your band here.

I wasn’t in a band but I recollect one from school- how can I let you know about them?

We're constantly looking for new artists and would greatly appreciate your input. Please click here to provide us with some basic info.

Press Inquiries

If you’re a member of the press interested in running a news piece related to CollegeBand, please contact us here.

Licensing Inquiries

If you are interested in licensing music or media by a CollegeBand artist, please contact us here. Most media’s wholly controlled for licensing, and we offer competitive rates, a new and unique catalogue, and one-step approvals.