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Beacon '83

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Steve BeckhamSteve BeckhamVocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Clarinet
Rebecca DahlRebecca DahlVocals, Tambourine
John GrayJohn GrayVocals, Electric Bass Guitar, Trumpet
David HedwallDavid HedwallDrums, Percussion, Electric Guitar
Kristi LarsenKristi LarsenVocals, Keyboards, Flute
Bill PomeroyBill PomeroyVocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Arthur WildArthur WildElectric Bass Guitar, Piano
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Hark! Like a beatific beacon beaming from the Heavens, the boys and girls of Beacon descended upon Southern California, laying down two demo tapes and spreading the good word across the Western United States on an 11-state pilgrimage.  Beacon featured tangy guitars, inspired vocals, and keyboard parts straight out of a Broadway production on those two demos, the latter tape ringing out like angels’ breath through the hallowed halls of the Long Beach City College recording facilities in 1982. After bringing that good news to a number of church services and local shopping malls, Beacon turned down an offer from Vinyard Ministries to join their Worship and Band Committee. Although the band had ground to a halt, Beacon never lost that spirit…for lo, it lives on eternally on

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