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World Tour

Southbound '81  (Cal State Northridge)

Ron Insana is the world's first drummer to interview two sitting Presidents yet Southbound has yet to show on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame ballot. Perhaps being limited to only two performances (1980 and 1981, respectively) has impacted Southbound’s chances. Perhaps not. As the world waits, the music, and the debate, rages on...


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About The Artist

Sprung from the remnants of a pep band in a SoCal prep school, Southbound followed its rah-rah-roots and ultimately morphed into a college garage band that fell just short of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Vocalist Perry Voogt and drummer Ron Insana first came together on the sidelines with lofty gridiron dreams and absolutely zero athletic ability. But they could pen catchy tunes, and when bassist Mark Hollingsworth and guitarist Brian Cieslak joined up later, Southbound was born on the campus of California State University, Northridge. The "fad four" began compiling a trove of original songs, from Ron and Brian’s catchy “Connecticut,” to Mark’s bouncy “Watching the Sun,” to a much more highly-produced version of Perry’s “Rain.” Brian's barrage of “hate” songs, with testosterone-laden titles like "I Can't Wait for You Forever,” “Losin'" and "It Takes Two,” (later improbably covered by Rob Bass and DJ EZ Rock) gave the band an edgier flavor that would prove not terribly helpful in the group's futile efforts to woo women. The group was able to lay down numerous tracks during their run, resulting in a 30-years-delayed debut album: “Southbound: World Tour.” And while this “tour” was limited to only two performances in 1980 and 1981, the impact of Southbound’s music was almost immediately forgotten.

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Southbound ’81 (Cal State Northridge)
Southbound ’81 (Cal State Northridge)
Southbound ’81 (Cal State Northridge)