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Paul Cézanne
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Paul Cézanne

Special Guests '85  (Columbia University)

The seminal, undisputed masterpiece from Columbia’s Special Guests.


Format: Full Album MP3 - Paul Cézanne
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About The Artist

Special Guests '85 so convincingly recreated classic early 60s frat rock n' soul that you half-expect Bluto, Flounder and the gang to stumble out in beer-soaked togas and puke on Dean Wormer. And that was great news in the mid-80s for upper Manhattan's West 114th Street, home to Columbia University, where the band was greeted with open arms - sweaty, flailing, open arms. Much more than just an Otis Day an the Knights cover band, Special Guest '85s originals were classic-minded but explored everything from stripped-down bar rock to sweetly harmonic pop to dance-crazed soul to perhaps their finest moment, a Costello-worthy lit-pop tribute to Post-Impressionist French painter Paul Cezanne as "the original father of Cubism," which suggests that the band were actually hitting the books while they soaked their reeds. The seven-piece combo, led by vocalist/guitarist Tom Meltzer and propelled by the twin-sax attack of Steve Greenfield and Jennifer Collins, never strayed too far from Delta House but managed to take something classic and sacred and make it all their own. Now do you mind if we dance with your dates?