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Nimbleweed Sings Science!
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Nimbleweed Sings Science!

Nimbleweed '07  (Stanford University)


Format: Full Album MP3 - Nimbleweed Sings Science

About The Artist

Formed in 2007 as a humble freshman dorm jam band, Nimbleweed weathered name changes and graduations to remain a campus staple bringing bluegrass traditionals, originals, and covers of songs never intended for their instrumentation. Sound interesting? There's more! As the group dug deeper into their studies in biology, literature, and philosophy, their originals bent toward self-conscious musings on subjects ranging from Hamlet to the neural control of urination. Otherwise they wrote about experiences completely foreign like being a hard-luck Casanova or discovering the ability to make it rain with a simple step shuffle twist.

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Nimbleweed '07 (Stanford University)
Nimbleweed '07 (Stanford University)