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Hail Mary
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Hail Mary

Julie Claire '91  (UC Berkeley)


Formats: Full Album MP3 - Hail Mary

About The Artist

Julie Claire is a singer/songwriter whose passionate approach to performing and songwriting inspired a diverse and faithful following in the nineties. Her songs range from rousingly loud-loving to spiritual and a capella. Playing all original music, accompanying herself on guitar, she delivers her rhythmic songs with a soulful, folk/rock feel. After moving to Santa Fe New Mexico from San Francisco in 1989, Julie gained recognition by playing clubs, coffeehouses, benefits and festivals. Her performances integrated her New Mexico and California experiences; the clarity and insight of the land with the social connections of the city. Julie Claire’s recording Hail Mary is a beautiful introduction to her contribution to the singer/songwriter genre at about the time Melissa Etheridge and Tracy Chapman’s music rocked the world.

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Julie Claire '91 (UC Berkeley)