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Don't Blink
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Don't Blink

Fornaka '93  (Stanford University)


Format: Full Album MP3 - Don't Blink
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About The Artist

Fornaka formed in the Spring of 1992 as Jason Weiss, Rich Hesp, and Raj Dosanjh connected with drummer Jack Bowen.  Collectively inspired by similar tastes in music, the band’s earlier performances featured cover songs of Fugazi, Smashing Pumpkins, and the Pixies.  They began as a 4-piece band and, when singer Blake Ilstrup joined a few months later, they hit their stride as Ilstrup brought a much wider range to what the band could do in their process writing originals.  Their debut album, “Don’t Blink,” featured songs written by all four of the original members, yet were songs that, in their finality, the band polished, providing for both a breadth of songwriting yet also a sound consistent to Fornaka.  The band played quite a bit throughout the course of the next year, recording a second album, totaling 14 original songs.

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Fornaka '93 (Stanford university)
Fornaka '93 (Stanford university)