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Aire '80

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Scott SpencerScott SpencerLead Guitar/Vocals
Jim JarosikJim JarosikKeyboards/Vocals
Michael DrakeMichael "Drakely" DrakeBass
Eric "Ric" CohenEric "Ric" CohenDrums/Vocals
Jerry BerkowitzJerry BerkowitzLead Vocal/Rhythm Guitar
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With musicians culled from the best acts that University of Pennsylvania had to offer in 1978—including a singer gleaned from campus musical productions—Aire brought that joyful seventies noise, becoming the go-to frat/campus event band in that hectic era of Iranian hostages and Jimmy Carter. Aire’s setlists were a supernova of seventies hits, from Springsteen to Starship to Styx. Even while performing an array of originals, the band gained a strong reputation for convincing Cars covers, leading many Aire-heads to suggest that the band nailed these songs harder than Mr. Ocasek himself. Sadly, after burning their sound equipment in a van fire and rocking the pants of Penn partygoers and prom patrons for the better part of two years, the band vanished into thin Aire, but not after leaving behind a fine legacy of three impressive tunes, most notably “Got to Go,” an arena-cum-prog rock anthem featuring roller-disco-ready keyboardgasms and aire-tight chorus harmonies that would make Dennis DeYoung blush.
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  • Got To Go
  • From the album Breathe
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