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Absorbit '73

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Joe BirishJoe BirishVocals, Drums, Guitar
Brian EpsteinBrian EpsteinBass
Carmine MarinoCarmine MarinoBass, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kurt ChristensenKurt ChristensenGuitar, Backing Vocals
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ABSORBIT was formed in early 1973 by College friends Joe Birish & Brian Epstein, (no relation to the Beatles manager). Joe & Brian were both music fans who resided in the House-15 Dorm on the Rutgers Livingston campus in Piscataway, NJ. Brian had some friends on campus that played guitar & they were recruited for the band. ABSORBIT practiced in the lounges of their dorms & by April of 1973 they were playing gigs at parties on the Livingston campus. ABSOBIT played cover songs along with some original material & was popular at Livingston Quad Keg parties & that is how we came up with the song title “ENT Quad Rumble” that was recorded live at a party.Joe was the main writer of original material for ABSORBIT, including the ballad“House-15 1973”, which is about the camaraderie & party atmosphere of his collegeDorm in the spring of 1973. During summer break, Joe recruited Kurt Christensen &Carmine Marino, (fellow musicians), to join ABSORBIT to record the 4 demos of songs that he had written & performed with the original band line-up at Livingston College.The ABSORBIT demos were done on a TEAC 4 track reel-to- reel & then mixed down to stereo. The 4 demo songs featured here are pretty varied in style, but they all have good melodies & clever lyrics. The line: “Dismal donuts from the grave, Pass you by & start to wave” was inspired by actual jelly donuts that were served in the Livingston cafeteria in the spring of 1973. Those jelly donuts led Joe to write the rest of the lyrics and music for “Beyond My Way” (the lead ABSORBIT track featured on the site).

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