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Absolute Zero ’89

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Gavmo RosenfeldGavmo RosenfeldLead vocals, poster-guy, PR-man
Edmo "Steven" HartmanEdmo "Steven" HartmanBass, vocals, poster-stapler
Joshmo NowlisJoshmo NowlisDrums, no vocals, PA-owner, face-maker
Brodsky StropeBrodsky StropeGuitar, vocals, Boogie-man
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Absolute Zero was formed at Brown University in 1985. The founding members all lived on the same hallway in the Quad (specifically Mead and Jameson, both of which were part of Unit 9) and quickly became friends after discovering their mutual interest in the band Rush. After repeatedly hearing roommates Strope and Hartman repeatedly playing high decibel renditions of "Red Barchetta" from far down the hallway, Rosenfeld resolved to introduce himself and was soon sitting in on impromptu jam sessions, offering his best Geddy Lee impression. Apart from entertaining countless college students (hundreds? thousands? who was keeping track?) for nearly four years, Absolute Zero did not leave any tangible legacy on the world of music. It did not leave nothing, however. Enjoy.
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