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CollegeBand is a privately owned and operated American media company involved primarily in the distribution of works by student and alumni artists from colleges and universities worldwide. Founded in May 2008, the company was incorporated as CollegeBand Inc. January, 2011 and is currently headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA.

What We Do
CollegeBand® features past and present recordings created by student and alumni artists at thousands of colleges and universities worldwide - a vast, untapped resource that spans decades and easily measures in the hundreds of thousands of recordings and related media in the US alone. We aggregates these recordings on our website for B2B opportunities (e.g., film and television licensing) and B2C opportunities (e.g., streaming music, digital download sales and the sale of related music/band merchandise).

Our Mission

  • Pioneer a music and media catalogue consisting of creative endeavors by college students and alumni
  • Build an online platform that promotes discovery and sharing
  • Synchronize growing collegiate organizations with their creative history
  • Promote artists to advertisers, consumers and media

Our Story
"In the Summer of '08, I envisioned a company that would specialize in the recordings created on college campuses prior to the popular acceptance of digital music and outside the decades old distribution system controlled by traditional record labels. It was my belief that this music, long dormant but bearing wonderful and exciting cultural and social affiliations, could be infused with modern technology to form an unprecedented new business. Inspired by the potential of this idea and determined to pursue it further, I paid a visit to Columbia University’s Butler Library and began poring over thousands of archived microfiche newspaper clippings. As hoped, an extraordinary history soon came into focus, rich with enterprising artists lying in the shadow of popular culture throughout the mid 20th century. Expanding my research to dozens of other Colleges gleaned similar results and I became convinced that an opportunity to fuse these musical histories into a digital ecosystem was a unique and unmatched concept waiting to be realized." -Reed Seerman, Founder and CEO

How CollegeBand Works
An entity or individual that created music while one or more members was attending any of the world’s Degree-Granting Institutions is considered eligible. CollegeBand digitizes, enhances and catalogues existing recordings at state-of-the-art studios in Los Angeles and New York. The band's history is then collaboratively fashioned into a dedicated profile and selected recordings are distributed, marketed and sold through, and third-party platforms like Spotify®, Amazon® and iTunes®; In addition, CollegeBand promotes the music for terrestrial and digital radio airplay; and pitches our artists exclusively for licensing and publishing opportunities with agencies, brands, TV and film. Five percent of all revenue is gifted to each acts affiliated school and the remainder is split 50/50. All services are provided at no cost to the artists.

Moving Forward
We’re in the midst of great change in the music business, and we imagine a future that could lead to enormous dividends for those who take advantage of the opportunities afforded by advancements in technology. As CollegeBand continues to grow and evolve, our energies and talents are dedicated to both defining and succeeding in the new musical arena. For more information on CollegeBand please do not hesitate to contact us.

Licensing Inquiries
If you are interested in licensing music by a particular CollegeBand artist please contact our team. All recordings are wholly controlled for licensing by CollegeBand, Inc. We offer competitive rates, a new and unique catalogue and one step approvals.

Press Inquiries
If you are a member of the press interested in running a news piece related to CollegeBand please get in touch.

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